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Meet Jillian

Branding & Online Presence Consultant

As you can see, I'm all about blazing my brand! And I am here to assist you in doing the same.


I am on a mission to guide you, as an entrepreneur, in implementing a strategy with a realistic action plan that fits your business's true brand identity. I believe that you have an effective strategy laid out and you just need extra guidance, leadership, feedback, and accountability to make it successful.

My previous clients have:
 ~Discovered their authenticity in their industry.
~Increased their brand awareness.
~Created successful business strategies that really work.

Being an entrepreneur can be very challenging. Believe me, I have been there. You have your great idea to launch a product or service, you have your business plan, and you may already have customers. However, have you truly created a brand that will attract your target market? Does anyone, besides your family and friends, even know your business exists? Does this sound like you? Let's work together!​

What I Specialize In


Social Media 

Online Presence

Business Building

Website Design

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